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The Association of European Movements (ATLME) situated in Barcelos, North Portugal is a national, nonprofit organisation which promotes and supports programmes in the frame of different European projects, based on international mobilities, international meetings emphasizing mutual interest, multiculturalism and interculturality.

The Association of European Movements (ATLME) aims to ensure a cohesive and dynamic space for cultural, social, and recreational programmes linked to a global dimension. One of the main objectives of The Association of European Movements (ATLME) is to increase intercultural dialogue and cooperation among European citizens focusing on human rights and equal opportunities, to raise awareness of active European citizenship, solidarity, tolerance and social inclusion.

The various activities of The Association of European Movements (ATLME) are carried out on local, national and international level addressing not only young people but also all members of the European society. Our objective is to cooperate with a range of organizations taking advantage of networks and partnerships of each others in order to develope common activities on the highest niveau.

All citizens, regardless of age, sex, profession, race and nationality can be members of ATLME. The Association of European Movements (ATLME) is an open door to new projects of all communities which would like to realize their ideas and their dreams.

Thus, the structure of our association is based on the joint work with human resources, for instance in the area of Education for Development. Our intension is to strengthen the bound of young people through realizing various activities such as organizing training courses, seminars, meetings, workshops, learning and leisure activities in the areas of sport and culture within the European mobility programmes such as Erasmus +, Youth in Action.

Due to intercultural mobilities, The Association of European Movements (ATLME) can provide appropriate environment for both for youngsters and all citizens regardless of age to become more critical, more reflective, innovative and creative. These facilitate their entrepreneurship and provide an important contribution to participate in active citizenship.

The Association Lusas Movimientos Europeus (ATLME) is a new association with its own profile and structure. The founder of the organization has extensive experience in the area of different European projects. He has been working as coordinator on earlier Comenius, Leonardo da Vinci and current Erasmus + programs for fifteen years.

All members of staff at the Lusas Lusas Movimientos Europeus (ATLME) are experienced persons, who have gained their experiences in other associations, being equal, dynamic, young, standing for constructive and future ideas.

The city where ATLME is based, called Barcelos, is in the north of Portugal with an excellent location that means it is close to the Atlantic Ocean and to the cities of Porto, Braga Guimarães, Viana do Castelo and quite close to the Spanish border.

In cooperation with secondary schools in Barcelos the association has been organizing and being involved in wide range of Erasmus projects the KA1, KA2, which are very successful.

He has experience in co-operating with European schools in receiving VET mobilities, organizing sports fields and other youth meetings.

Learnmera Oy - Helsinki, Finland

Learnmera Oy - Helsinki, Finland

Learnmera Oy is a private language education and translation provider in the greater Helsinki area , which provides business language lessons,translations and proofreading services. Courses are offered in the major Nordic and European languages, as well as beginners’ course sin English, Finnish, Swedish, French, German and Russian.

Learnmera Oy has considerable experience in educational resource creation,website creation and app content building as well as online vocational courses. Their free published language learning and cultural material online has had hundreds of thousands of downloads to this day.

Learnmera Oy have been active within different European projects since 2008. In addition to the above-mentioned services, Learnmera also provides IT services specially directed towards corporate clients and institutions that want to improve their customer interfaces and social media presence. A list of projects Learnmera has previously worked on can be found on the website.

Learnmera  and the tools for teacher site The Language Menu 

AMETA - The Republic of North Macedonia

AMETA - The Republic of North Macedonia

The Association for European education and mobility AMETA Veles is a nonprofit and non-governmental association of citizens, which promotes and supports educational processes in society through organization of workshops and trainings for students, young people and adults, applying innovative approaches, positive practices and experiences, collaborating with European and international institutions in the fields of education, environment, sport, and culture.

Composed by a motivated and dynamic team, it is an organisation focused on the development of training and education activities, but also specialised in consultancy services for project management, project design and implementation.

The Association for European education and mobility AMETA carries out various activities on local, national and international level addressing not only young people but also all members of the European society.

We believe that by working with training and education we are making societies stronger, contributing to employability, prosperity and safeguarding the integrity of future generations.

Our mission is to: educate, research, analyze and initiate actions, create, coordinate and manage European projects that will influence and contribute to the development of education, science, environment, culture and social life.



Doukas School is a K-12 educational institution with educational and athletic facilities in Athens, Greece, offering its 1,600 student body several educational and athletic programs, as it has for over a century. Doukas School has received many awards for its innovative educational practices. More specific, Doukas School has a kindergarten, primary and secondary school and, also, provides students with the choice of International Studies (IB, GCE, BTEC). In the core of its educational model, Doukas School, distinguishes 3 main pillars; knowledge, skill and values that will enable its students to become 21st century active citizens. Focusing on the development of students’ digital skills Doukas School is a Microsoft Case Study school since 2012, for its implementation of the 1:1 Computing in the classroom.

Doukas School supports its educational model and the integration of innovative practices in the educational process by participating in research & innovation projects (ERASMUS+. H2020, LLP, etc.), for over two decades. Doukas School has integrated STEM as a subject in secondary education despite the fact of not being part of the national analytical program.

Complementary services are offered such as Career Guidance, ICT, Quality Services, Foreign Languages, Psychological Services, Summer Camp etc.

Martna Pohikool - Estonia

Martna Pohikool - Estonia

Martna Põhikool gives the basic education for students from 1st to 9 grades aged 7 to 16. Martna School was founded in 1836, so in schoolyear 2021/2022 we will celebrate our 185th birthday. For 25 years ago our school had students over 100. Nowadays there are around of 50 students in our school. Our classes are small. We have 12 teachers but there are many teachers who doesn’t have a full work in our school and they have a second work in the neighboring schools. We have different types of class external groups : a) robotics – for 1-6 graders, b) programming for 8 graders; c) art and creativity for 1-5 graders; d) orienteering for 5-9 graders;e) wrestling.

We have got a lot of success in these activities in different level of administrative units. Teachers of our school have already experienced in different kind of projects. Our students and teachers are always eager of new experiences and they usually get involved in every activity. We have done a lot of eTwinning, Erasmus+ and previous Comenius projects, mostly in field of STEM.

Martna Põhikool has got an eTwinning School 2018/2019 label



Enjoy Italy di Alessandro Gariano is an education&training company aiming to foster the innovation and development of the European educational community and to animate and support the sustainable development of citizens, territories and communities all around Europe. It has been founded by a dynamic and passionate young professional on few but solid values: responsibility, identity, inclusion, sharing, lifelong learning, civic awareness and sustainability. And a vivid passion for both its land and Europe.

Two are the specific areas of action:
– Education & Training: provision of tools and opportunities for a professional, social and cultural growth of teachers and educators, as well as of students and youngsters. Towards the innovation of European education. The company provided 150+ in-service trainings to 1200+ teachers and professionals and, in addition, 20+ trainings to 500+ trainees in the context of non-formal education. And it has got some relevant experience in the design and management of different Erasmus+ KA1 and KA2 projects

– Local Development & Destination Management: assistance to public and private entities in developing vision and goals, providing advice and services during the entire life cycle of a project. For sustainable destinations.”

Agios Georgios Lyceum- Larnaca Cyprus

Agios Georgios Lyceum- Larnaca Cyprus

The history of St. George’s High School began in 1910-1911 when the first vocational school of Cyprus was founded in Larnaca. Because of the major economic problems, the then School Board made it its priority to find financial support for the construction of a new school. This was made possible when Konstantinos Zahariadis donated a large part of his financial resources to the schools of Larnaka, upon his death. With part of this money, a large and important school building was built, which was named “Zahariadio Emporiko Lyceum” in honor of its great benefactor. After many years, the classes of Zahariadio were not enough to accept the increasing number of students, and so a new gymnasium was built in a new privately owned building, independent of the Lyceum.

The new Gymnasium was built in a place donated by the Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios Kontos. In 1960-61, the “Larnaka High School” opened its doors to its first students. In 1973-74, the number of students had already been 885. With the Turkish invasion half of the Cyprus population became refugees. The lack of enough school buildings for all students has led to the operation of a morning and afternoon school. In the morning there were 1307 students and in the afternoon1030.

The afternoon school stopped in 1977 after the construction of new schools. Since September 1983, the school operated exclusively as a three-year high school with the name “St. George Gymnasium”. In the school year 1986-87 it was officially renamed to its current name “St. George Lyceum”.