Phone Application

Mobile Application for STEM Labyrinth

STEM learning is largely about designing creative solutions for real-world problems. When students learn within the context of authentic, problem-based STEM design, they can more clearly see the genuine impact of their learning. That kind of authenticity builds engagement, taking students from groans of “When will I ever use this?” to a genuine connection between skills and application. This output refers to development of Mobile App that would represent a virtual simulator of real-life problems asking learners to tackle a real-world problem and by doing that to gain knowledge through problem solving.

Many everyday situations and problems require not only pure science and mathematics knowledge in order to be solved, but also problem solving skills, high-order thinking strategies and creativity. Thus App STEM Labyrinth will put the students in the centre of a real-life situation and it will challenge them to begin solving problems and eventually reaching the solution. Through providing help at several stages, the app intends to increase the motivation and the students’ understanding of the problem. At different stages students would be able to get additional hints in the form of pictures, animations, videos etc. that will enable them to move forward in the “Labyrinth” and get out of it with a solved problem.